The Doctors

I appreciate Dr. Brandon and Dr. Bailey's dedication to making me feel better. They have flexible hours that help me get in when I need to be seen. They work together as a great team. I like that they tell you what kind of treatment and how they will treat you before they follow through with it. That way you know what to expect.

Ed & Lonna Brock

I switched from my Des Moines based chiropractor to Drs. Brandon and Bailey initially for convenience but have become a regular due to their effective treatments (my headaches are all but gone!), friendly office environment, and all around family care! I would consider them amongst the top chiropractic clinics in Central Iowa and would highly recommend them to anyone in the area.

Laura Robson

Whenever I feel like my bones and muscles are not in the right place, I ask my mom if I can get an adjustment from Dr. Bailey and when she say, "Yes" I get excited because I know Dr. Bailey will make me feel better soon.

Brady Wells

Panora, Iowa

I came to Schreiber Family Chiropractic for sever neck pain. Since coming, my neck pain has diminished and the adjustments allow me to be able to function in my daily activities. Thank you!

Mike Kemble

Panora, Iowa

We truly appreciate Dr. Bailey and Dr. Brandon. They not only offer our entire family relief (yes, even our 2 year old!) from pain and muscle tension, but also provide advice for staying healthy after our visit. We are so thankful for everything they do for us as patients and for the community.

Emily Albers

Yale, Iowa

They cured my month long headaches! Dr's Brandon and Bailey Schreiber are at the top of thier class for the care they give and the great people they are personally too.

Kristen Crouthamel

Wouldn't go to anyone else! They are great at what they do and have fun doing it! Kid friendly environment too!

Katie Schlitter

I love going to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They really care about you as a person and really try to get to know you- which really helps a lot with your physical health. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work. I highly recommend them to everyone!!!!

Sydney Henderson

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