The Doctors

My experience with Schreiber Family Chiropractic has been great. I have recommended them to other individuals because of the caring way they take care of their patients.


I have been a patient of Dr Brandon since they have opened their practice in Panora, he has helped with various injuries and ailments & is a wonderful doctor. Dr Bailey also! My entire family goes to both and we think highly of them!

Becky Twigg

Panora, Iowa

Our community is so blessed to have Drs Brandon & Bailey in Panora. Such talented chiropractic doctors who truly care about their patients. So glad you're both a part of my life.

Kimberly Greenlee

Panora, Iowa

I had chronic lumbar problems and was visiting a chiropractor every few days, since going to Bailey and Brandon my back is so much better! I can now go more than a week without being in horrible pain! I would recommend anyone and everyone to them!

Megan Railsback

Guthrie Center, Iowa

In my 20's I started chiropractic care and quickly became a firm believer in the awesome benefits of this practice! Panora is very blessed to have had chiropractic doctors since Dr. "Tim" arrived. I hated to see him leave but learned of the Schriebers taking over his business. I was the first patient to visit and have never been disappointed in care from both Brandon & Bailey. This young couple cares very deeply about the health & well-being of everyone who walks through their door! The Schreibers are a great asset to the area & very active in the communities. I look forward to their care and friendship for many years to come!

Peggy Kemble

Panora, Iowa

I have been a cosmetologist for over 30 years now. Due to my job, I have reoccurring back, shoulder and neck issues and I have sought chiropractic care over the years. I am so glad to have found Drs. Brandon and Bailey! I set up monthly adjustments to help maintain my health. Their treatments have surpassed anything I have ever had before. They are very professional but yet have that home town friendly attitude. They are a very positive asset to the surrounding communities. I highly recommend them to my clients and friends

Brenda Lehman

Guthrie Center, Iowa

If you're in pain & looking for some relief.. Visit Schreiber Family Chiropractic ! Dr. Bailey has been such a blessing to little Charlotte & I ! I'll admit I was a skeptic... It took me 25 years to finally give a chiropractor a chance... But after the results we've had.. We will be keeping our monthly appointments ! 5 stars !!

Brandi Rockwell

Panora, Iowa

Both Dr Bailey and Dr Brandon are the best chiropractors we have ever been to. They are knowledgeable in multiple techniques and always professional. They are willing to listen to you before adjusting...Just good people providing this rural area with quality professional care.

Robyn Ploeger

Panora, IA

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